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Silverfil is the only pure silver filling that has ZERO Free Mercury upon setting (tested at City University, London and University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur).


Silverfil is the only pure silver filling in the world (no tin or copper and no BPA Bisphenol A).


Silverfil has natural anti-bacterial properties. Bacteria can not grow on pure silver!


Silverfil is environmentally friendly -

it  is similar to Moschellandsbergite, a mineral in nature found in Landsberg, Germany.


Silverfil waste does not require any special storage conditions.


Silverfil does not contaminate the water system (dental spittoons) in clinics.


Silverfil waste does not pose a hazard to the environment.


Silverfil has been tested for biocompatibility according to international guidelines and has proven to be biocompatible.


Silverfil fillings, being single phased, can be work hardened, thus the surface hardness of the filling increases during mastication (chewing).


Silverfil has been successfully used for over 10 years now.


Silverfil is a patented technology.

Technical Data



74% Ag;

26% Hg (in powder form combined with Silver)



                              Compliance Checklist:



                     ISO 1559: 1995 Compliant

                     ISO 24234: 2004 Compliant

                     BS EN 1641: 2004 Compliant

                     ISO 13485: 2014 Compliant

                     ISO 9001: 2014 Compliant

                     CE Mark

                     USA FDA 510K

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