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Declaration on amalgam phase-out in Asia signed

Are you anti-Merury or anti-Amalgam?

It is a fact that most dentist prefer to use alloys. They are easier to use and last longer than composites.

The dentist that stopped using Amalgam, did so largely to the fact that all other Amalgam's contain free mercury. There are other issues such as high disposal cost and environmental contamination.

I speak with many dentist everyday. I can tell you that 99% are relieved that we have an Amalgam, that is high quality and free of mercury,!the-product/c1zqo

No need to worry about the multitude of concerns surrounding the issue of excess mercury.!certificationsstudies/cu7v

SilverFil Amalgam is the world's first and only pure silver filling with ZERO Free Mercury. A revolutionary material, SilverFil works just like any other dental filling.

Patrick Reagan-Dir of Global Sales and Marketing

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