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A Game Changing Material


Silverfil works just like any other amalgam filling, employing the same usage and handling techniques, but minus the problems of excess mercury within the fillings.


Unlike conventional dental amalgams, Silverfil consists of only silver particles and a partially amalgamated silver-mercury compound. It contains no tin or copper.


The highly reactive powder of Silverfil Argentum completely absorbs all of the mercury used for amalgamation, leaving no traces of any of mercury behind in the fillings. (Tested at City University, London and University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur)

An in vitro Study of Genotoxicity of Silver Argentum

Determination of Presence of Excess Hg in Dental Amalgams

Silverfil Argentum - Dispersalloy - SDI GS 80


Fast mixing (5 seconds) Exceptional handling characteristics
#1 choice for Apical Seal and Base for Aesthetic Sandwich Technique
Longevity, Durability, Ease of Use and not affected
by moisture

Packable and condensable without the hazards

of mercury

Slight expansion eliminates Micro-leakage and Seepage
Non-Toxic, Resin Free (BPA), Mercury Free, Fluoride Free
Superior edge strength and marginal adaptation
Contains 6%-9% Free Silver, leading Anti-Microbial Properties
Dispose in general waste

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"A Customer has used the samples and said its the best amalgam he has ever used.Quick to mix,carves easily and packs suberbly.He has always used GS80 so this is great feedback against a product like that."

Richard Whatley